The new episode of #DEZINFO podcast: The image of Baltic states in the Russian niche media online

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In an interview with the analyst Evija Djatkoviča, we discuss the results of monitoring the Russian information space, in particular focusing on the narratives that were built in the context of the Baltic states. We also discussed how the propaganda about Ukraine was built a few weeks before the start of the Russian aggression and how much space was devoted to Ukraine in the Russian media at that time.

The image of Russia in the Belarusian media online – a new episode of our #DEZINFO podcast!

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In an interview with the analyst Palina Shcherbava, we discuss the results of the monitoring of the Belarusian information space, which we carried out as part of the project "Strengthening the Capacity to Counter Disinformation" (May-December 2021). Taking into account the recent political situation, in particular the war in Ukraine, we have once again raised the topic of propaganda and disinformation appearing in the Belarusian online media. 


COVID-19 Vaccines: Polish information space using the example of articles published by,,,, in the period between 16-29 August 2021

Below are presented the partial results of the monitoring conducted by the Center for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis as a part of the “Covid-19 vaccines in Polish- and Russian-language online media outlets: specifics and correlation between them in Polish and Russian information spaces” project and implemented during the period of 10 May – 29 August 2021.