Transcription of the #DEZINFO podcast: Fight for minds - propaganda in the 21st century

With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we all realized how important it is to raise topics related to propaganda, disinformation and media manipulation. Bombarded with hundreds of messages from all sides, we must have the knowledge and tools to help us verify information. We hope that the interviews will help to better understand the processes related to content consumption in the 21st century media.

#DEZINFO: Networks of Russian propaganda in Poland

Listen to the new episode of our #DEZINFO podcast!

In the new podcast, we talked about how Russian propaganda works in Poland with an emphasis on social media. With Givi Gigitashvili our interlocutor, we referred to the latest narratives appearing in connection with the war waged by Russia in Ukraine and discussed ways to verify the content appearing on the Internet.

#DEZINFO: Ukraine and Poland in the Russian media online

During the "Strengthening the Capacity to Counter Disinformation" project, our interlocutor, Dr. Pavlo Kolotvin was responsible for monitoring and analyzing news appearing in Russian mainstream online media in the context of Poland. Due to the current political situation and Russia's aggression against Ukraine, we also asked our guest about the narratives built in the Russian information space about Ukraine and whether it was possible to predict the coming war on the basis of the monitoring conducted.