#DEZINFO: Ukraine and Poland in the Russian media online

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During the "Strengthening the Capacity to Counter Disinformation" project, our interlocutor, Dr. Pavlo Kolotvin was responsible for monitoring and analyzing news appearing in Russian mainstream online media in the context of Poland. Due to the current political situation and Russia's aggression against Ukraine, we also asked our guest about the narratives built in the Russian information space about Ukraine and whether it was possible to predict the coming war on the basis of the monitoring conducted.

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– What knowledge does the average Russian have about the war waged by Russia in Ukraine?

– How does the Russian media adapt its narratives to a multi-view audience from different social groups?

– Why has Russian propaganda in recent years become more aggressive?

– What were the differences and similarities in building the image of Poland and Ukraine in the Russian information space?

– What narratives have the Russian media built to prepare their society for the war in Ukraine?

– How much time does the Ukrainian media devote to broadcasting about the war?

Who is our interlocutor?

Dr. Pavlo Kolotvin Head of the non-governmental organization "Institute of Political Information" (IPI) based in Odessa, Ukraine. Coordinator of the INFOCRIME project in the south of Ukraine, Regional representative of all Ukrainian human and journalists rights, the Institute of Mass Information (IMI).


Listen to the episode of the #DEZINFO podcast, which was created as part of the "Strengthening the Capacity to Counter Disinformation" project, with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED).