CAPD Foundation begins its work

Centrum Analiz Propagandy i Dezinformacji
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“Center for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis” Foundation is the first non-governmental organisation in Poland that is oriented towards a structured and analytical approach to the challenges related to information and psychological warfare. Our expertise is the effect of many years of gaining practical experience in this area and collaboration with various organisations and entities from Poland and other countries from our region. We are an independent apolitical organisation with clearly set goals, which is open to cooperation with all interested governmental and non-governmental structures from Poland and other countries from the trans-Atlantic area.

Foundation's Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the foundations and structures of civil society in Poland and allied countries by raising the awareness of threats resulting from propaganda and disinformation actions related to hybrid, information or psychological warfare. We aspire to contribute to building a Polish system of distributed response to activities in the information space that are hostile to Poland, and to become one of the pillars of such a system thanks to cooperation with other entities home and abroad.

Foundation's goals:

  1. To raise the awareness and knowledge of societies as regards information acquisition, review and analysis, and to support the development of civil society;
  2. To take educational, research and analytical initiatives related to information space security and in the area of propaganda, disinformation and other hybrid threats;
  3. To act in favour of cooperation between domestic and foreign academic, expert, journalist, social, business and political circles, including non-governmental organisations, governmental organisations and institutions, countries and nations in the field of counteracting propaganda, disinformation, hybrid threats and other threats to the information space;
  4. To facilitate and initiate new forms of cooperation between Poland and the countries of the region and the allies from the trans-Atlantic area, connected with the operation of national information spaces and their security, and to raise the awareness of the society and decision makers regarding internal and external propaganda and disinformation related threats.