Yandex and Mail.Ru Group blocking in Ukraine in the context of information warfare

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Transcription of the #DEZINFO podcast: Does anyone control us? How does the…

At the beginning of 2022, the first series of our podcast about propaganda and disinformation in the media called #DEZINFO was created. As a reminder, we have prepared a transcript of fragments of the most interesting statements of our guests. Due...

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CYBERSEC 2017 | the 3rd European Cybersecurity Forum

Center for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis, as the Institutional Patron, is pleased to invite to the 3rd European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC that will be held on 9-10 October 2017 in Kraków, Poland.

CAPD Foundation begins its work

“Center for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis” Foundation is the first non-governmental organisation in Poland that is oriented towards a structured and analytical approach to the challenges related to information and psychological warfare. Our expertise is the effect of many years...